Thursday, September 08, 2011

Kitchen's On My Mind

We are in the process of "updating" our kitchen, and I'm going crazy on Pinterest checking out all of the possibilities for our very small kitchen. Seriously, when all three of us are in there (my husband, me and our cat), we are all over each other... and believe it or not, we are all three in there at the same time... A LOT! Anyway, Rob took the doors off of the cabinets this past weekend so he could begin scrapping the wallpaper off of them (don't ask, it was there when he bought the house), and I will not miss that floral pattern at all. So now the cabinets are wide open and the cat loves it... but that's another story. Anyway, oddly enough, I'm finding that I really like not having doors on the upper cabinets... so, will those doors find their way back? I'm thinking for sure that the cabinets will be painted white and the insides are going to get a happy coat of apple green. No other solid plan. Would love to have someone come in and get it done in one week, so that we could just enjoy it... but I don't see that happening. No, it's going to be a lot of elbow grease :)

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