Monday, September 12, 2011

Urban Grace Interiors - Kitchen

I love it when people have a fantastic sense of style and can blend old and new seamlessly.  Erika, over at Urban Grace Interiors, pretty much has my kitchen!  She has a great example of open shelves.  I guarantee those are her most used items and she do not have to worry about them getting dusty, because she’s using them daily! 
And even though I’m leaning towards a white kitchen, her SW Rosemary green kitchen is amazing (green is my favorite color… hence the apple green interiors of the cabinets).  Check out her blog post on her kitchen intervention, she breaks it down for you (it’s not all high priced shopping). 
 I love her pantry… funny enough I have the same “pantry” rack and I was telling Rob this weekend that I need to get some baskets for it to keep it orderly.  Boom!!  Now I see this… I must be on the right track.
Man oh man, what I wouldn’t give for a week with Urban Grace Interiors and The Lettered Cottage.  Between those three, they would have my little cottage kitchen rock’n and roll’n!  Click on over and check out Urban Grace… she’s pretty fabulous.

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