Monday, September 19, 2011

Updates and Confessions

This was a very short weekend for me, I had to work on Saturday, so that only left late Saturday afternoon and Sunday for my de-cluttering mission.  As promised, I did take some before pictures of the kitchen this weekend, but I haven't decided if I have the guts to post them yet.  There are many reasons why... one would be the wall paper that's in the kitchen right now, I hate it, thank goodness I didn't put it there, it was there when Rob bought the house.  And like I've said before, I'd really love ten good minutes with the idiot who thought it was a great idea to put wall paper on the cabinet doors... but that's another story. 

See, I don't mind that our kitchen is small... our entire house is small and I'm fine with that... it's the whole reason why I'm de-cluttering and finding a space for everything.  When you have a small house, you just can not have clutter!  It totally makes the house look junked and not cute.  Anyway, where was I, oh, I don't mind that the kitchen is small... at least most of the time I don't... it's just that it's really in bad shape.  We've really done zero to it since Rob bought the house (I won't say how long ago).  Who ever did work on it before us, did a really poor job and we've been busy with other parts of the house.  Then it became a, "well, when we get our next house, this is what we want to do with the kitchen..." And so nothing has been done with the eye sore and it's just gotten worse and worse. 

Then I got to thinking... why am I waiting for a rainy day house?  Why am I waiting for this dream house that we might get one day, when I have this cottage right now that I love with all my heart.  Why can't I have my dream kitchen now (on a budget)?  Why should I deprive my little cottage kitchen from being all it can be?  I mean, we are a great team, we pull together some great meals... why shouldn't it look great?  So what if the neighborhood is... questionable.  I can't control the neighborhood, but I can control what goes on in my house and I want my house my home to be beautiful.  I have all of these great ideas that I have been saving for our next house... and I'm not going to do that anymore.  If I have a great home idea, I'm doing it now, because this is the home I have and it deserves it. 

Still don't know if I'm going to show you the before pictures!

OK.  On to confessions... I have a huge Vera Bradley and LOFT problem. 

I always feel like I need the latest and greatest!  What's up with that?  I'm working really hard to get my VB addiction under control and I think now that my favorite Lisa B is no long in production, my problem is solved... however, there is a black and a brown microfiber hobo with my name all over them!  Goodness help me.   
Microfiber Hobo in Black
Lisa B in Imperial Toile
As for LOFT, I'm doing really well, I haven't bought anything since spring!  And if I can make it through autumn without a LOFT purchase, I will say that I have made it over the hump.  The last thing my closet needs is another piece of clothes... but it's going to be a test not to go buy this sweater.  Just too pretty!

By the way... I would so love to have her hair... just in my color, or hers, I'm not too picky :)

***UPDATE*** Checked out the sweater today... not flattering on me AT ALL.  Not made for girls with well, a nice set of girl's!!!

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