Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fast and Fabulous Decorating Projects

I get newsletters from Better Homes and Gardens ( and they are always sending creative links and eye candy to get the creative juices flowing.  Well, today was no exception... Fast & Fabulous Decorating Facelifts.  Who can pass up a teaser e-mail like that?  So, I'm clicking through all of the wonderful BHG photographs when I come across this one (above) and I'm thinking, "Here's something to do with all my newly acquired milk glass!"  Remember, a few weeks back, I told you I went a little crazy on eBay... that's another post.  Anyway, I'm thinking I might have to do something along these lines to show off my milk glass.  Because the milk glass tends to be a bit "plain" in my husbands opinion, you really have to jazz up the display with color and I love the black bookcase with the wall paper inserts.  Now, I've always wanted to paint a piece of furniture black and distress it... so that's an easy one there.  BUT choosing a wall paper or fabric design, now, that's going to be tricky!!!

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