Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lining Drawers

Cupcakes, the Sea, and Emily Post:

Here's the best idea I've seen for kitchen drawers I've ever seen! Check out Kim's handy work from The Twice Remembered Cottage. I just love smart, artsy people! Here's her blog post:

Oh, here's a little something I've been meaning to do for quite a while - lining the kitchen drawers with old book pages! Of all the things to hold me up, it was mainly the fact that I couldn't find just the right book. I finally found a vintage Emily Post Etiquette book that suited this little project perfectly! I used the chapters of the book that related to food and entertaining...

I love all the illustrations that explain how to fold napkins, how to create proper place settings, and the best way to set up buffet tables...

For this project, you simply carefully tear the pages out of the book, apply white glue to the back of each page with a sponge brush or foam roller, and press into place, taking care to press out any bubbles. Let it dry overnight and then seal it with two or three coats of clear non-yellowing latex sealer. {I still have to do that step but it's very important to protect those old pages.}

I think it just adds 'a little something nice' to a usually ignored part of the kitchen. Who knew opening kitchen drawers could be so sweet? Now I kind of wish I didn't have to put anything back in them!

This will definitely be something I will do to our kitchen. It's just too cute not to do.

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