Monday, October 10, 2011

I'm back...

So, Buddy and I took a little vacation to the North Georgia mountains (Helen, GA to be exact) for some hiking by day and Oktoberfesting by night.  It was wonderful!  It was sad packing to come home, but isn't that the sign of a good vacation?

I did manage to get a little antique shopping in at one of my favorite antique shops... well, it's the only one I've even gone to in Helen, but still, it's my favorite.  It's this huge, old house (built in 1875... I think... late 1800s I know for sure) and it has something like 40 different antique vendors inside.  Well, I found a few things for the house that I couldn't leave Helen without.

Yep, I found some milk glass and I have great plans for these two pretty pieces.  I'm going to use them on my mantle during the winter holidays... fill them with evergreens and pine cones.  Stay tuned and I'll show you some pictures.  When we aren't in a holiday mood, I think I may use them in my scrapbooking/stamping... arts & crafts room to store stamps and buttons in. 

I'm still on the hunt for a few other milk glass pieces, but I think this was a good start.  This now brings my collection to a whopping three pieces!  Just look at them... aren't they great!

And this is my new discovery/love... vintage match box holders.  I love the yellow-gold color of this one.  "You Can't Match The Quality of McCormack Deering Machines Or Our Repair Service M. Paul Whitenight 720 Market Street Bloomburg, Penna."  I love the pun... you can't match the quality...

And I couldn't pass this one up, simply because it states: Furniture and Undertaking  for a square deal try us J.J. Hayes  Furniture and Undertaking!  I love it!!!  Talk about multi-tasking.  This one is missing it's top and will be perfect in the kitchen, under our bottle opener (to catch the bottle caps).  The antique store had a few more that I would have loved to have gotten, but I was good... I figured if they were still there next year, it was meant for me to have them.  How's that for showing restraint!

Oddly, getting these match box holders really make me want to dive into that kitchen make-over!  Funny how the little things can serve as great inspiration.

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